chilling wine

Tips for Chilling Wine Fast

Are you one of those who will add a few ice cubes to your wine if it is not cold enough?

If so, we have some tips for you. Adding ice to your drink obviously waters it down. This is fine for some drinks, but wine is meant to be enjoyed as is and without other liquids added to it.

Keep in mind too that if your wine is too cold, you will miss the wonderful flavors that it has to offer. The colder the wine the more suppressed the natural aromas.

There are occasions however when your wine needs a quick chill. Here are some tips that won’t compromise the flavor.

  1. Add what is already in the wine. That is, grapes. Frozen grapes to be specific. Adding some frozen grapes to your wine will cool it down in achilling wine jiffy and will not water it down. Take the grapes out (and eat them) when your wine is at the temperature you want.
  2. Take your bottle of wine and wrap it in wet paper towels and then put it in the freezer. After about 10-15 minutes is should have dropped 10-15 degrees.
  3. Fill a metal tub with ice, water and salt. Put your bottle of wine in the tub and swirl it around every few minutes. The salt prevents the ice from melting fast so the water stays colder longer. Your wine temperature will go down by 10-15 degrees in about 15 minutes.

Do you have any tips to share? We would love to hear them.



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