Wine cellars and coolers

Wine Storing

A lot of people are usually surprised to learn that different wine should be served at varying temperatures. They think that this might only apply to those who taste wine professionally. The fact is, though that there is a real difference that one can taste.

The actual temperature from your red or white wine affects the flavor. What happens when we drink wine that is much colder than it should be is that the taste and flavor become muted and flat. The wine drinker is truly missing out on a great experience.

Don’t feel bad if you find that you are not caring for your wine properly. Wine storage is simply not something that every person does right which is an oversight.

In fact, many people are not even aware that there are refrigerators for wine or wine coolers that keep the bottles at recommended temperature conditions.
Now if you want to keep your wine for a long time, this is something different. ‘A wine cellar may be what you want if you keep wines for long periods. They keep the wines at a temperature that is more suitable for storage (around 50º) which is different from consumption temperatures.

Just remember, if you maintain your wine bottles at way too high of a temperature (room temps for instance), you chance losing the genuine flavor (which is why you bought the wine in the first place). Also, if you keep it too chilly, it will also get ruined.

So what are the recommended temperatures for reds and whites?

Keep in mind that these are general and you will want to find the specific temperature for your specific wine. That is, if you really want to get all of the flavors the wine has to offer.

Whites: 40-52º

Reds: 50-64º

(both fahrenheit of course)


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