Wine Shape and Wine Quantity

If you are at a party and you can choose between a tall and narrow wine glass or a wider (fatter) wine glass, which do you choose? (And don’t think about the kind of wine you are going to have, just think about which you prefer).

If you picked the wider glass, you will get more wine in your glass than if you picked the narrow glass. Want to change your selection?

It is true that the actual shape of your wine glass will alter the amount of wine that get poured into your glass. 

The reason for this is that we seem to have a problem with perceiving volume accurately. We can’t tell that a wider glass has the same amount of wine as a taller glass because of the difference in shape. We pour more wine into the wider glass because we think it is not getting the same amount as the taller glass. So we seem to focus more on the height of the wine in the glass and not the width. 

So if you are at that party and you want more wine in your glass, just pick the widest one available. 


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