How Does Your Wine Rate

You are out to dinner and you want to impress others with some of your wine knowledge. Except you don’t have any. Well here are some things to get you started and sounding like a professional!

There are indeed many, many terms that wine experts use when reviewing wine. It can be a little confusing if you have not clue as to what you are talking about. There must be some baby steps that we can take to try and understand the wonderful world of wine (and impress our friends). What are some of the things to look for in a fine wine?

Studying some key elements will be a great start. There is no need to know everything about wine. Unless that is your business. There are a couple in particular however that you might want to pay attention to.

A high quality wine will be labeled as balanced.

What exactly does it mean to be well balanced?

Whenever a wine is balanced then the level of acidity, sweet taste, tannins, in addition to alcohol combine with one another beautifully. This will mean that you should not be able to pick out and identify any one of these items. Anytime you have some bottle of wine and you taste that it is exceedingly sweet or maybe it has a powerful acidity, then it is definitely not thought of as well balanced. When your wine is not really well-balanced, the flavour is not as great and this of course means that the value and quality is actually significantly less.

The quality of complexity is a thing some wine consultants try to look for in drinking wine.

Possibly you have tried a glass of wine and you might pick up a variety of tastes and even aromas? Such as, a glass of wine could have a strawberry flavor and then a raspberry flavor. Provided you can find a large number of flavours at the time you encounter the wine, then your wine is regarded as complex. Wines that offer a variety of flavors as it goes through your mouth is much desired. This is what is called a complex wine and that wine would be considered to be a premium wine.

The finish of a wine and the typicity are additional things that wine drinkers look for in a quality glass of wine. And there happen to be quite a few more. When you understand the balance as well as complexity, you’ll be able to move on to distinguishing many other details.

Check out this nice video discussing wine complexity:


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